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There are four sizes of Widex batteries: 10, 13, 312 and 675.

It is important to choose the size that is suitable for your hearing aid. The recommended battery type can be seen in the user’s instructions received with the hearing aid.

Battery type

Widex batteries are of the Zinc Air type and need air to work.

It is important that air should not enter the batteries before use. Each battery is therefore provided with an adhesive label that ensures that the batteries are sealed and fresh until use.

Widex batteries are non rechargeable.

Expiry date code

Please note the expiry date code on the front of the battery pack stating how long the batteries will be good.

The code consists of three letters indicating month followed by the two last digits of the relevant year, so “Jan - 11” means January 2011, by which date the batteries should be used.

Battery lifetime

Battery lifetime depends on two things:

  • Type of hearing aid
    Very powerful hearing aids use more power than less powerful hearing aids.
  • Hearing aid usage
    The consumption of power - and thus the battery lifetime - depends on the settings of the hearing aid and its use. The power consumption will vary from one hearing aid to another and from one person to another.

Please note:

  • When you have started using a battery, it cannot be saved for later use. 
  • Once the sealing label is removed, the battery will be activated. 
  • The battery will stop working after 4-6 weeks even if the hearing aid has not been used during that period.

Hearing aid types
The choice of hearing aid depends on the type of hearing loss, the shape of the individual ear canal and to some extent the user´s own individual preferences.

See which hearing aid types Widex offers.