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Hearing loss - Why should I get my hearing checked

Last Updated10-08-2020

When people hear the words “Early Detection” it always means screening at a young age, but hearing loss is a condition that might occur at any age.
Early Detection of Hearing Loss can help in treating the Hearing Loss at the earliest. Hearing Screening plays a vital role to ensure better Hearing. This will enable better communication and increase the quality of life. Early Detection of Hearing Loss can address all the problems related to hearing and mental development in the individual. Hearing Better is an important aspect of child development. Hearing Loss is often connected to the fall behind their peers in speech and language development, cognitive skills, and social skills. Hearing Loss might also lead to complex issues such as reduced socio-economic status, poor socialization skills, depression, etc. It is a visible condition that can be detected at an early age of life.
Do you know, Between the birth and age five, the incidence of hearing loss doubles in an individual?

According to WHO (2018) data, the prevalence of hearing impairment (HI) in India is around 6.3% (63 million people suffering from significant auditory loss). The estimated prevalence of adult-onset deafness in India is 7.6% and childhood-onset deafness is 2%. More than 90 percent are born to parents with typical hearing. This is a critical period for the development of speech and language skills. Earlier, Due to the stigma of hearing aids, most of the child’s health-related to hearing is ignores to a later extent but now, the time has changed, if a child has some problem related to child’s language and communication, parents of the metropolitan trying to seek help. The stigma of hearing aids is still around yet an individual is ready to accept the things after some conscelling about the hearing and mental growth in a child.

Late detection or undue ignorance can lead to problems like speech developmental delay. With early intervention, children with hearing loss will able to develop language skills and can communicate freely and learn actively.

However, if the child’s hearing loss is left undetected or untreated, hearing loss can negatively impact a child’s language development. Delayed intervention can also adversely impact a child’s language development. One study had found that children who received earlier amplification or cochlear implantation had better language outcomes. Maternal education and communication modes used during the early intervention can also improve language skills over time. A longitudinal study concluded that children with permanent hearing loss enrolled in an early intervention program before the 6 months of age developed on par with age-appropriate language skills than those who were enrolled after 6 months of age.

Even if your child or a child of a loved one does not have hearing loss today, it is strongly recommended to get regular checkups and annual hearing tests performed by audiologists, ENTs, pediatrician, or other health providers to monitor potential changes in hearing. Call at +91 9533155155 to book a free assessment for troubled hearing today.

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