what is Tinnitus?

Nobody else can hear it – but you hear it all the time.  It’s a ringing, buzzing, humming, hissing or other irritating noise constantly playing in your ears, and it’s exasperating.

You probably have tinnitus, which is not a disease, but a symptom arising from a range of underlying causes. What you’re hearing is sounds generated by your nervous system, or by your brain.

When you have hearing loss, your brain sometimes overcompensates by creating its own ‘background noise.’ Most people suffering from tinnitus have some form of associated hearing loss with the nerves involved in hearing. Some forms of tinnitus can also be related to muscle movements near the ear, or problems with blood flow in the face or neck. On its own, however, tinnitus is not a sign of a serious medical problem.
Lots of different things can trigger tinnitus, but it is most often caused by loud noise that damages the delicate cells of the inner ear.  Alternately, stress, aging, high blood pressure and even excessive earwax can set off tinnitus. So can excessive amounts of aspirin, NSIDs, antibiotics, alcohol and caffeine. 
One of the most common ways of treating tinnitus is with amplified sound.  Sound from hearing aids, music, or pleasant noise generators help minimize the contrast between the buzzing in your head and the environment around you.  Widex’s unique Zen Therapy counseling method is based on counseling, amplification, pleasant fractal tones and relaxation exercises.

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